AT&T SportsNet App FAQ

In addition to getting our award-winning sports coverage through traditional TV, AT&T SportsNet TV subscribers can now stream their favorite local teams through our mobile apps and web platform.

AT&T SportsNet has local media rights for the Utah Jazz Colorado Rockies (on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain), the Pittsburgh Pirates (on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh), and the Houston Rockets and Houston Astros (on AT&T SportsNet Southwest), as well as various college and high school level sports.

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Can I stream AT&T SportsNet?
AT&T SportsNet offers a TV everywhere stream of our channel on both an app and web platform. Games will be available to those viewers who subscribe to a telco, cable or satellite provider or vMVPD which carries AT&T SportsNet and who has agreed to allow their customers access to the TV everywhere streaming service. 

Is there an additional cost to receive the TV Everywhere stream via AT&T SportsNet app or website?
There is no additional cost as long as you are a valid paid telco, cable, satellite or vMVPD customer who subscribes to a video package that includes AT&T SportsNet. Data charges may apply for mobile app viewing. Please check with your mobile provider.

Is AT&T SportsNet available for TV Everywhere viewing without being a paid telco, cable, satellite or vMVPD customer?
No, the only way to access digital streaming of AT&T SportsNet is to have a valid pay television subscription that contains AT&T SportsNet and whose provider has agreed to allow their customers access to the TV everywhere streaming service.

My cable, satellite, telco provider or vMVPD does carry AT&T SportsNet, but I do not see them on the TV Everywhere streaming provider list, what can I do?
Some TV providers have not yet accepted our offer allowing their customers access to our TV Everywhere stream via the AT&T SportsNet app or website. You may contact your telco, cable, satellite provider or vMVPD and request that they allow you access to stream AT&T SportsNet.

Can I stream all AT&T SportsNet content on the app and website?
NHL and MLS content is not currently available for streaming. Check back for future updates to our streaming programming line-up.


AT&T SportsNet OTT/vMVPD- Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an OTT/vMVPD option available where I live?

We are thrilled to offer customers in all regions another option to watch their favorite teams’ games with the launch of AT&T TV Now.

 In our Southwest region, viewers now have the option to receive AT&T SportsNet Southwest via fuboTV and AT&T TV Now.

If your OTT provider in your region is not listed and you would like to see AT&T SportsNet or ROOT SPORTS on your provider, please call them and request that they add the network to their channel line-up.

 Why am I not getting all the games on AT&T TV Now?

At this time AT&T TV Now is not able to provide all games when there is a scheduling conflict. NHL and MLS live games are not currently available on our streaming services.  Check back for future updates to our streaming programming line-up.

I live in the Territory and I have AT&T TV Now but I can’t receive AT&T SportsNet?

At this time AT&T TV Now is only available to those customers that have the “CHOICE” or “ULTIMATE” package.

I am an AT&T TV Now customer in Nevada, why am I not getting AT&T SportsNet on AT&T TV Now?

At this time, the state of Nevada, portions of California and Arizona will not be able to view AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain on AT&T TV Now. Please check back for further updates.


Technical Section

What are the technical requirements and what devices will work?
You will be able to watch from both PC and Mac platforms. Additionally, you will be able to watch on both Apple and Android devices. To watch games and other programming on any of these platforms, you will need to “authenticate” that you have a valid subscription to AT&T SportsNet using your pay TV account login credentials (user ID and password).


What software will I need?
We support iOS and Android software on mobile as well as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge for desktop viewing.


What does my video quality depend on?
Various factors affect video quality including device used, internet speeds, and current network congestion.


On the provider authentication page, my logon credentials are not working?

Contact your cable, telco, or satellite pay TV provider and confirm the current email address they have on file. Also confirm that you’re subscribed to a level of service with your provider that includes AT&T SportsNet.


What if I forgot my username and/or password?

Contact your cable, telco, or satellite pay TV provider to retrieve your username and/or password.


I am at work, within my local market, and using the web platform, why can’t I access the stream?

Depending on network restrictions set at your workplace, streaming may be blocked due to data usage limits, VPN providers that use out-of-state registration, or security limitations. If none of these restrictions exist, please check other technical and authentication issues above.


App Use Section

Is there a way to stop, pause and or record the live games?
Our app will allow you to pause and stop live games, but not to record or download for offline viewing as part of this service.


What data does AT&T SportsNet collect?

We collect information in accordance with our Privacy Statement.  Please refer to section 10 of our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement (found at for details.


I am traveling out of town, will I still be able to stream the games on my phone or computer?

Currently you have to be within each region’s geographic footprint in order to stream the programming.